Re: Origin of Ellipsis

From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 22:11:25 -0700

>> This tradition is persistant.
> Persistent where?
> This is already replied within my message you quote here.
>> Lots of people
> Lots of people who
> Same remark.
So there are "many" contributors, on the English Wikipedia. What does
"many" mean? I doubt double spacing of sentences is majority usage for
/any/ community these days (note that contextually I'm talking about the
US right now – but if someone knows about another locale where this is
or remains common practice, I'll welcome information). But you
originally wrote that a period "will then need to be followed by two
spaces", so you're stating a /need/. Since (as you wrote) there is no
effect of multiple spaces on the rendering of Wiki pages (also, if this
is all correct, those "many" contributors can't be too bright unless
their point is to make Wiki source code easier to read – and that would
be a rather recent tradition falling into the domain of source code
formatting rather than ordinary text composition), your Wikipedia
context can't be a context with such a need, right?

> You cannot reply this question by looking into a printed book. I
> focused on electronic documents. Printed documents are even out of
> scope of Unicode, as they are NOT encoded.
So if your original statement about a sentence-final period needing to
be followed by two spaces applied only to documents that aren't printed,
you've made me curious. Because these days most printing starts with
documents generated on a computer ("electronic documents").

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