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On 9/14/2013 1:24 PM, Philippe Verdy wrote:
> Reviewing hardcopy is still a very common practice when preparing
> drafts for discussions in meetings. Even the UTC meetings may want
> draft documents prepared with wide line spacing to facilitate the
> annotations duing discussions.

Not the UTC meetings I've been to, but perhaps you have more direct
experience for that statement ??
> This will help the review, simply because it is faster to anotate a
> text ducing oral discussions, than using a computer and being
> distracted while discussions are going on. Lots of paper hardcopies
> are used everyday in every organisations, and notably in those working
> on legal texts.

ABLE TO READ THINGS BETTER. Dunno, I'd stick with typographers and book

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> On 9/14/2013 6:24 AM, Michael Everson wrote:
> On 14 Sep 2013, at 14:16, Stephan Stiller
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> wrote:
> Books never used it. The tradition in typing was
> developed to assist typesetters to navigate the
> typewritten text they were setting. The typesetters
> never put two spaces after a full stop.
> I see. I think you were mentally mixing this up with
> double inter-line spacing.
> No, I wasn't.
> Double inter-line spacing always looks stupid and
> decreases the legibility of a text. It can't be justified,
> yet somehow there is a tradition in the US to require it
> for writing assignments in a university context.
> It facilitates comment by those who are reviewing the text.
> Some people get this distinction between manuscript (draft) and
> publication.
> As for editing software, instead of being implemented as a text
> format, spacing should have been done as a view, albeit a
> printable one. That way, the reviewer (if using hardcopy) could
> have the wide line spacing without it becoming by force an
> essential characteristic of the document itself.
> But reviewing hardcopy is on its way out, so even this issue will
> disappear...
> A./
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