Re: Unicode Security Standard version 6.3 Released

From: Simon Montagu <>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 11:20:48 +0200

On 11/15/2013 07:07 PM, wrote:
> UTS #39 includes a new Restriction Level (*Single Script*), and a number
> of clarifications for confusable detection, restriction revels, and
> optional detection. It also contains a new section describing how the
> identifier data is generated. That identifier data has been expanded to
> include certain characters from /UAX #31: Unicode Identifier and Pattern
> Syntax <>/, a few extra characters
> allowed in IDNA2008 (Internationalized Domain Name Architecture,
> <>), and certain characters based on
> user feedback. The version numbering has also been changed to align with
> versions of the Unicode Standard.

What is the reason for moving U+05B4 HEBREW POINT HIRIQ to
"recommended"? I had seen this change listed already in, but
without context it seemed as if this one Hebrew point had been excluded
from the recommended characters (perhaps because it had been considered
a spoofing risk for U+002E) and was now to be included.

However I now realize that the opposite is the case: all other Hebrew
points are still classified as "limited-use", and U+05B4 alone is now
"recommended". I find this surprising and wonder if it was intentional
and if so why.
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