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From: Shriramana Sharma <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 18:18:26 +0530

Since I have connectivity problems now and then, I wrote a mini-app
using PyQt to give me the basic features of Ishida's UniView (which
also seems to have had some server problems recently)... Maybe it
would be useful to others also so I'm posting here. It's under the GPL
since I use PyQt under the GPL.

Since it depends on PyQt, it is probably immediately usable by Linux
users, esp. who use distros which have PyQt pre-installed or
installable by a single command like apt-get or yum. On other
platforms, you'll have to have installed Python and PyQt as

BTW I use Py3, so maybe a few tweaks would be needed to get it working
with Py2. Since it's GPL, please feel free to make derivatives.

I hope the name "UniView" is not copyrighted or anything. Certainly
don't intend to infringe...

Shriramana Sharma ஶ்ரீரமணஶர்மா श्रीरमणशर्मा

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