Re: proposal for new character 'soft/preferred line break'

From: Asmus Freytag <>
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2014 15:55:46 -0800

I agree, the use of <nobreak> markup is more appropriate to the problem.
This is not a plain text issue and it even fails the "smell test" for
"issue that is more elegantly solved by format characters than markup".


On 2/5/2014 2:27 PM, Jukka K. Korpela wrote:
> 2014-02-05 23:44, Rhavin Grobert wrote:
>> Wbr gives the opportunity to break at long|awesome. But what i mean is:
>> - non existing "sbr" in parralell to shy assumed -
> Just giving a hypothetical character or tag an identifier does not
> specify its intended meaning.
>> "Do you think me gentle,<sbr/>do you think me cold?
>> do you wanna risk a<sbr/>look into my thoughts?"
>> if line is long enough:
>> "Do you think me gentle, do you think me cold?
>> do you wanna risk a look into my thoughts?"
>> if line is not long enough:
>> "Do you think me gentle,
>> do you think me cold?
>> do you wanna risk a
>> look into my thoughts?"
> This seems to be what Richard Wordingham guessed what you mean, more
> or less.
>> Poems need some whitespace-element that is *above* usual whaitespaces
>> when it comes to linebreaks, <wbr/> and &shy are *below* all
>> whitespaces.
> Anything “above” the character level is generally up to higher-level
> protocols rather than what the Unicode Standard deals with.
> It seems to me that you actually want is to make some line break
> points the only allowed break points. So you would rather want to
> prohibit breaks elsewhere than introduce a “soft/preferred line break”.
> At the character level, you could use no-break spaces for the purpose.
> Using the entity reference &nbsp; (for U+00A9) for clarity here, you
> could write
> Do&nbsp;you&nbsp;think&nbsp;me&nbsp;gentle,
> do&nbsp;you&nbsp;think&nbsp;me&nbsp;cold?
> do&nbsp;you&nbsp;wanna&nbsp;risk&nbsp;a
> look&nbsp;into&nbsp;my&nbsp;thoughts?
> If the text contains hyphens or other characters that might allow a
> line break by default, you made need something extra.
> If this is actually about HTML authoring, you can successfully use
> <nobr>Do you think me gentle,</nobr>
> <nobr>do you think me cold?</nobr>
> <nobr>do you wanna risk a</nobr>
> <nobr>look into my thoughts?</nobr>
> If you need/want to “conform to HTML standards”, you can, with some
> marginal loss in functionality, use <span style="white-space:
> nowrap">...</span> instead of nobr elements.
> Anyway, there appears to be existing solutions to the problem. They
> might be a bit clumsy, but adding an “exclusive line break
> opportunity” into Unicode would introduce quite some complexity and
> burden on implementations.
> Yucca
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