Re: "Heron" element in Unicode?

From: Andrew West <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 18:49:14 +0000

On 18 March 2014 17:46, Mike Morrison <> wrote:
> Does the element which is the right half of 権, and the left half of 勧,
> 歓, 観, exist anywhere in the current or proposed Unicode standards?


> It's a simplification of 雚, and similar to but not the same as 隺. If
> not currently in Unicode, is it the sort of thing that might be
> considered for addition in the future?

People have been talking for many years about encoding the relatively
few CJK components that do not exist as characters in there own right,
and I think that there would be some support from the relevant
committees if a well-presented proposal was submitted.


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