Glyphs designed for the internationalization of the web-based on-line shops of museums and art galleries

From: William_J_G Overington <>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 10:29:36 +0100 (BST)

Glyphs designed for the internationalization of the web-based on-line shops of museums and art galleries

Imagine please if museum and art gallery websites each were to have an international webpage in its on-line shop.

If there were on the webpage colourful symbols, one each for Surname, Forename, Card number and so on and the end-user could display text in his or her own language by displaying the appropriate read-out label next to each symbol, thus localizing the web page, then that could be very helpful.

I have produced designs for nine symbols. There are two glyphs for each symbol, one colourful and one monochrome. The symbols are octagonal, using not quite a regular octagon. In the monochrome glyphs there is a border around the edge, yet in the colourful glyphs there is no border. The colourful glyphs are displayed in blue and orange, the idea being that the effect to the viewer is of blue upon an orange background.

The designs are influenced by heraldry to some extent.

This is because I consider Surname to be the most important, so I used a heraldic chief.

Then for Forename I used a pale as Forename is different from Surname yet accompanies to Surname to form a name.

A bar is used for Address.

Name as on card may be different from Forename concatenated with a space and Surname, due to use of Mr Mrs Miss Ms etc and initials, hence the reason for the design not being a union of a chief and one pale.

Two bars are used for Card number.

Card start date and Card expiry date seemed liked brackets, so that inspired the designs.

Card security code is just a design so as to be different from the other designs yet not use any diagonal shapes.

Delivery address is included to allow for the possibility of sending a gift directly to someone who lives at another address.

I am hoping to attach images showing the designs to other posts in this thread.

William Overington

21 April 2014

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