Re: Use of Unicode Symbol 26A0

From: Asmus Freytag <>
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2014 09:13:17 -0700


Unicode normally does not document all known usages of symbols.
Occasionally, if a symbol is used in ways that might be unexpected from
its name, the standard may add an alias or annotation. This is done in
particular, when there is a question of whether a given symbol is the
correct choice for a given application - especially if Unicode contains
multiple, similar symbols.

In this case, that does not seem the case. The symbol is used for a
variety of purposes, from warning to error to alerting readers to
important information. These all seem to fit in the same general usage
as suggested by the name, and the symbol is distinct enough so that that
there is no other symbol in Unicode that might suggest itself as an

The use to warn about risk of personal injury would not seem to demand
additional clarification.


On 6/3/2014 7:25 AM, Papendick, Michelle wrote:
> Good Day –
> Just wondering if Unicode provides for or anyone know of documentation
> for standard usage around the following symbol:
> cid:image001.png_at_01CF7C48.A6D54D00
> Noticed that is it used in many applications as a general warning or
> error symbol, but upon research it is also the symbol for personal
> injury so appears to be a conflict of meaning.
> Any information around standard usage of the symbol in software
> applications is appreciated.
> Thank you!
> Michelle
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