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From: Martin v. Löwis <>
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 17:27:42 +0200

Am 04.06.14 11:28, schrieb Andre Schappo:
> The restrictions seem a little like IDNA2008. Anyone have links to
> info giving a detailed explanation/tabulation of allowed and non
> allowed Unicode chars for Swift Variable and Constant names?

The language reference is at

For reference, the definition of identifier-character is (read each
line as an alternative)

identifier-character → Digit 0 through 9
identifier-character → U+0300–U+036F, U+1DC0–U+1DFF, U+20D0–U+20FF, or
identifier-character → identifier-head­

where identifier-head is

identifier-head → Upper- or lowercase letter A through Z
identifier-head → U+00A8, U+00AA, U+00AD, U+00AF, U+00B2–U+00B5, or
identifier-head → U+00BC–U+00BE, U+00C0–U+00D6, U+00D8–U+00F6, or
identifier-head → U+0100–U+02FF, U+0370–U+167F, U+1681–U+180D, or
identifier-head → U+1E00–U+1FFF
identifier-head → U+200B–U+200D, U+202A–U+202E, U+203F–U+2040, U+2054,
or U+2060–U+206F
identifier-head → U+2070–U+20CF, U+2100–U+218F, U+2460–U+24FF, or
identifier-head → U+2C00–U+2DFF or U+2E80–U+2FFF
identifier-head → U+3004–U+3007, U+3021–U+302F, U+3031–U+303F, or
identifier-head → U+F900–U+FD3D, U+FD40–U+FDCF, U+FDF0–U+FE1F, or
identifier-head → U+FE47–U+FFFD
identifier-head → U+10000–U+1FFFD, U+20000–U+2FFFD, U+30000–U+3FFFD, or
identifier-head → U+50000–U+5FFFD, U+60000–U+6FFFD, U+70000–U+7FFFD, or
identifier-head → U+90000–U+9FFFD, U+A0000–U+AFFFD, U+B0000–U+BFFFD, or
identifier-head → U+D0000–U+DFFFD or U+E0000–U+EFFFD

As the construction principle for this list, they say

"Identifiers begin with an upper case or lower case letter A through Z,
an underscore (_), a noncombining alphanumeric Unicode character in the
Basic Multilingual Plane, or a character outside the Basic Multilingual
Plan that isn’t in a Private Use Area. After the first character, digits
and combining Unicode characters are also allowed."

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