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> b) Arabic breaks between words. Some languages (such as Uyghur) > allow hyphenation, but most do not.
Here is a resource that describes them: (page 10):"Calligraphers also build on other practices for justification, such as:word heaping: putting certain words above others .moving the broken fragment above the hyphenated word .word hyphenation .word hyphenation in margin .decreasing of some words at the end of a line . .curving of the baseline ."
One of the author's of the above has put another resource with examples online: Ishida describes elongation which I believe may also be done when inserting diacritics (to make them easier to read is one reason).
Some resources do say hyphenation is not allowed but you can find counter-examples/information I believe (someone else might have more/better information).
Hyphenation is not common; I think I would indicate that it does exist though in Arabic.
--C. E.

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