Re: Combining classes of Hebrew accents

From: Maxim Iorsh <>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2014 00:48:33 +0300

Almost forgot to mention,

059D HEBREW ACCENT GERESH MUQDAM both should be 229 "Above_Right_RTL"

 -- Maxim.

On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 12:05 AM, Maxim Iorsh <>

> Hello,
> I propose to change combining classes for certain Hebrew accents.
> Presently, the Hebrew accents belong to one of the following classes: 220
> (below), 222 (below right), 228 (above left), 230 (above). Accordingly, the
> canonical ordering puts "below" accents before "below right" accents, for
> example.
> Unfortunately, the resulting order is wrong. As Hebrew is a right-to-left
> script, the accents which are located below the letter on the right should
> go *before* accents which reside below the letter in the middle. The same
> goes for accents above letters.
> My proposal is to modify the combining class property as follows:
> 059A HEBREW ACCENT YETIV: ccc=219 "Below_Right_RTL"
> 05AD HEBREW ACCENT DEHI: ccc=219 "Below_Right_RTL"
> 05AE HEBREW ACCENT ZINOR: ccc=231 "Above_Left_RTL"
> Alternatively, existing class 218 "Below_Left" could be assigned to 059A,
> 05AD and possibly renamed to "Below_Char_Start" or something similar, so
> that it means "left" for LTR scripts and "right" for RTL scripts. The class
> 232 "Above_Right" could be assigned to 05AE and renamed accordingly.
> Thank you,
> -- Maxim.
> P. S. In a related note, does anybody know why Hebrew marks (05B0-05C7)
> are assigned fixed combining classes? It looks like most of them would be
> perfectly ok with 220 "Below" class, or other appropriate non-fixed classes.

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