CLDR Version 26 Released

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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 15:33:47 -0700

CLDR 26 Coverage
<> Unicode
CLDR 26 has been released, providing an update to the key building
blocks for software supporting the world's languages. This data is used
by a wide spectrum of companies
<> for their software
internationalization and localization, adapting software to the
conventions of different languages for such common software tasks. This
release focused primarily on Unicode 7.0 compatibility, Survey Tool
improvements, increased coverage, new units, and improvements to
collation and RBNF. Changes include the following:

    * *Data Growth:* Major increase in the number of translations, with
      77 locales now reaching the 100% modern coverage level, and an
      overall growth of about 20% in data.
    * *Units:* Added 72 new units, added display names for all units and
      a new perUnitPattern (eg, liters per second).
    * *Collation:* Updated collation (sorting) to Unicode 7.0, moved
      Unihan radical-stroke collation into root to avoid duplication,
      used import to reduce source size by 23% and ease maintenance.
      Major changes to Arabic collation.
    * *Spell-out numbers:* improvements for round-trip fidelity; new
      syntax for use of plural categories.
    * *Specification:* documented new structure, \x{h...h} syntax for
      Unicode code points; construction of "unit per unit" formats;
      clarified BCP47 and Unicode identifiers, and different kinds of
      locale lookup, matching, and inheritance.
    * *Survey Tool:* Major improvements to the UI to make it easier and
      faster to enter and check data.

Details are provided in,
along with a detailed Migration section.

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