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From: Peter Constable <>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 22:30:49 +0000

Have you tried checking what the Unicode Terms of Use has to say about all this?

Let me help: here's the Terms of Use page:

Regarding online code charts, it says, "The online code charts carry specific restrictions."

If you load any of the code chart PDFs, there's a copyright notice that says this:

Terms of Use
You may freely use these code charts for personal or internal business uses only. You may not incorporate them either wholly or in part into any product or publication, or otherwise distribute them without express written permission from the Unicode Consortium. However, you may provide links to these charts.

The fonts and font data used in production of these code charts may NOT be extracted, or used in any other way in any product or publication, without permission or license granted by the typeface owner(s).

The Unicode Consortium is not liable for errors or omissions in this file or the standard itself. Information on characters added to the Unicode Standard since the publication of the most recent version of the Unicode Standard, as well as on characters currently being considered for addition to the Unicode Standard can be found on the Unicode web site.

Anyone publishing a book and taking content from some other source is probably going to (or should) contact the owner of that content to get permission. The Unicode Consortium regularly receives requests for permission to use content.


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On Oct 24, 2014, at 8:18 AM, Peter Constable wrote:

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>> If someone wants to publish and sell a book in which they say
>> something like "This is how Unicode suggests that character U+XXXX is supposed to look:"
> Well, since the intent of the codes is to give indication of what the character identity is and _not_ to say how the character _should_ look, then it's a good thing if Unicode isn't authors to make such statements.

I probably didn't express myself clearly before. Even if the book simply says "The charts published by indicate that the following would be a representative glyph for the Character U+XXXX", it seems that you would need permission to copy the glyph. I wonder if that is necessary.

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