Re: Question about “Uppercase” in DerivedCoreProperties.txt

From: Steffen Nurpmeso <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2014 19:55:14 +0100

Philippe Verdy <> wrote:
 |Successors to convert strings instead of just isolated "characters" (sorry,
 |they are NOT what we need to handle "texts", they are not even equivalent
 |to Unicode characters, they are just code units, most often 8-bit with
 |"char" or 16-bit only with "wchar_t" !) already exist in all C libraries
 |(including glibc), under different names unfortunately (this is the main
 |cause why there are complex header files trying to find the appropriate
 |name, and providing a "default" basic implementation that just scans
 |individual characters to filter them with tolower and toupper: this is a
 |bad practice,

glibc is the _only_ standard C library i know of that supports its
own homebrew functionality regarding the issue (and in a way that
i personally don't want to and will never work with).
Even the newest ISO C doesn't give just any hand, so that no ISO C
programmer can expect to use any standard facility before 2020, if
that is the time, and then operating systems have to adhere to
that standard, and then programmers have to be convinced to use
those functions.
Until then different solutions will have to be used.

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