Re: The NEW Keyboard Layout—IEAOU

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 18:36:33 +0100

Very strange layout of the bottom row.
Note that if your layout is visiblly otimized for the right hand (mostly
for those that use only one hand to type; so that the left part contains
only the least used keys),

I doubt that this really works well for typing just with one hand: those
same users will also not use more than two fingers and the 5th finger (to
the rightmost part of the keyboard) will still be hard to type.

I dont understnd the nwhy you placed punctuations mixed beteen letters on
the left part and the media row, I would have kept them to the rightmost
part (colon/semicolon key, and single/double quotes key.

Now if users will try to use both hands, then your left/right separation
does not work so well
And the letter C is evidently badly placed, more difficult to reach than
the letters J Z V B (for English this C keys at least should be shifted to
the middle; where it would also be more accessible for one-hand typists, or
one-finger typists)

2015-01-25 22:54 GMT+01:00 Robert Wheelock <>:

> Hello!
> I came up with a BRAND-NEW keyboard layout designed to make typing
> easier——named the IEAOU (ee-eh-ah-oh-oo) System—based on letter frequencies.
> The letters in the new IEAOU layout are arranged as follows:
> (TOP): Digits / Punctuation / Accents
> (MEDIAL): Q Y <:|;> W <"|'> L N D T S H <+|=> <\|!>
> (HOME): X K G F <´|`> P I E A O U
> (BOTTOM): C J Z V B M R <<|,> <>|.> <?|/>
> Please respond to air what you’d think of it. Thank You!
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