Re: Emoji (was: Re: Unicode block for programming related symbols and codepoints?)

From: Alfred Zett <>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2015 22:04:32 +0100

Doug Ewell:
> "Most popularly requested," as a criterion for adding a character, is
> absolutely new to Unicode. Earlier I wrote privately to a Unicode
> officer about whether PERSON TAKING SELFIE and GIRL TWERKING and
> PERSON DUMPING ICE BUCKET OVER HEAD would be ephemeral enough, and got
> no reply. (What, you've forgotten the ice-bucket craze already? That's
> exactly why "most popular at the moment" wasn't supposed to be a
> criterion.)

There is much truth in this.

I'll now leave the discussion, because it doesn't lead anywhere.

Best regards,

A. Z.

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