Re: Adding RAINBOW FLAG to Unicode (Fwd: Representing Additional Types of Flags)

From: gfb hjjhjh <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2015 16:15:28 +0800

<>The UTC is considering
a proposal to extend the types of flags which can be reliably represented
by certain sequences of Unicode characters. In addition to the current
mechanism using pairs of regional indicator symbols—already widely
implemented—the proposal would use sequences of the TAG characters in the
range U+E0030..U+E005A to represent other types of flags. The proposal also
provides guidelines to specify valid sequences of TAG characters and how to
interpret them. Full details of the proposal are provided in the background

The UTC welcomes feedback on this proposed new mechanism. Feedback could
consist of an indication of support or opposition to the proposal, with
reasons why, or could consist of suggestions for improvement of the

For further information, please see the Public Review Issues
<> page.

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