Re: Grapheme clusters and east asian width

From: Daniel Bünzli <>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 10:00:29 +0100

Le jeudi, 17 septembre 2015 à 02:25, Richard Wordingham a écrit :
> Are you actually trying to work out how a terminal emulator someone else wrote will position
> characters?

Yes. Basically given a, let's say single line, UTF-8 string to output to a, let's say an ANSI tty, I'd like to compute its visual extents.
> In so far as the property is useful, they probably should be ea=Wide.

This seems consistant with what is written in UAX #11 6.4 though.
> If you're trying to work out what a particular emulator will do, the
> starting point is its documentation.

Unfortunately *many* emulators.


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