ASCIIfied vs Boko Hausa on international radio websites

From: Don Osborn <>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2015 09:23:40 -0400

In the past, there has been mention on this list of use of extended
Latin on the web and using charset=utf-8 in page parameters - neither of
which are a novelty anymore. The issue now in some cases is policies of
organizations and decisions by web content managers whether and how to
use extended Latin and utf-8.

For an update with background on these issues in the case of websites of
the Hausa services of BBC, CRI, RDW, RFI, and VOA, please see:

FWIW I've also floated the Twitter hashtag #ɓɗƙƴ - along the lines of
the #acentúate campaign that you may have heard about.

FYI, two related postings/threads from 2009 (though I haven't duplicated
these quick surveys of other BBC & VOA language pages beyond those for
Hausa): languages - mostly not UTF-8

VOA- utf-8, lang="en"

Don Osborn
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