Re: The scope of Unicode (from Re: How can my research become implemented in a standardized manner?)

From: Rick McGowan <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2015 10:11:56 -0700


All right... This is likely to be my last posting on the subject...

> ... there has been much objection to my invention in this mailing list
> over the years, with no good reason ever stated, ...
> If this invention had been made in the research laboratory of a large
> information technology company maybe things would be very different.

Please see attached image, for example. While it's not yet as fun as
Star Trek, this kind of thing can be done for simple interactions in a
variety of languages using a $20 cell phone...

See also:

    /As of October 2015, Google Translate supports 90 languages at
    and serves over 200 million people daily./

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