RE: Latin glottal stop in ID in NWT, Canada

From: Peter Constable <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2015 22:03:31 +0000

This is more plausible. The Tlingit peoples live in coastal regions, SW parts of Yukon Territory and Alaska. That's not what I would have referred to as "Northwest Territories". And it's totally not related to the thread, which was clearly about Northwest Territories, not Yukon Territory.

Can you point to information on Tlingit materials in Cyrillic script?


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> > On the opposite, Native Americans HAVE used the Cyrillic script in
> > Alaska and probably as well in North-Western territories in Canada…
> In Alaska, yes, because the languages in question are, in fact,
> Siberian languages.

I wouldn't describe Tlingit as a Siberian language. There are some old Cyrillic script Christian materials in Tlingit. The Canadian connections are in British Columbia and Yukon.

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