Re: Question about Perl5 extended UTF-8 design

From: Richard Wordingham <>
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 19:19:10 +0000

On Thu, 5 Nov 2015 18:25:05 +0100
Philippe Verdy <> wrote:

> But these extra code points could be used to represent someting else
> such as unique object identifier for internal use in your
> application, or virtual object pointers, or or shared memory block
> handles, file/pipe/stream I/O handles, service/API handles, user ids,
> security tokens, 64-bit content hashes plus some binary flags,
> placeholders/references for members in an external unencoded
> collection or for URIs, or internal glyph ids when converting text
> for rendering with one or more fonts, or some internal serialization
> of geometric shapes/colors/styles/visual effects...)

No-one's claiming it is for a Unicode Transformation Format (UTF). A
possibly relevant example of a something else is a non-precomposed
grapheme cluster, as in Perl6's NFG. (This isn't a PUA encoding, as
the precomposed characters are created on the fly.)

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