Re: Proposal for German capital letter "ß"

From: Gerrit Ansmann <>
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2015 18:52:07 +0100

> My proposal is to introduce a capital letter equivalent of "ß" that's resembling two capital "S" letters: "SS".

Actually, the capital ß is already included in Unicode (ẞ) because it was and is used as a separate letter (not looking like SS), though only rarely. It is now realised as a proper distinguishable letter in many fonts, which is arguably the best solution. I have a keyboard with this letter. Moreover, the Germany authority on spelling (Rat für Rechtschreibung) stated that it will acknowledge an individual letter if it gets established in use.

Further reading:

> After the German spelling reform in 1996, "ß" then became a letter of its own, and words containing the letter "ß" are no longer equivalent to words containing an "ss" combination instead of the "ß". So, for instance, "Maße" and "Masse" are not equal. In fact, "Maße" translates to "measurements" while "Masse" translates to "weight".

Actually, you had the very same problem with “Masse” and “Maße” before the spelling reform.
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