Re: Turned Capital letter L (pointing to the left, with serifs)

From: Raymond Mercier <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2016 18:20:07 -0000

I have looked at both the collected works of Gauss and at the English version of the Theoria Motus, in order to see what a later editor made of this symbol.

In the Werke the symbol ’7’ continues to be used : C F Gauss, Werke, Vol. 7, ed. E J Schering, Gotha, 1871; § 77, M = N + n’7’ ̶ Π.

In the translation the ‘7’ is replaced by the lower case tau.

Theory of the motion of the heavenly bodies moving about the sun in conic sections: a translation of Gauss's "Theoria motus." With an appendix. By Charles Henry Davis, Boston : Little, Brown and company, 1857; § 77, M = N + nτ ̶ Π.

So this seems to settle the matter of the identity, and just leaves one to puzzle over the German use of this sign for tau.


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