Unicode line break issue

From: Tim <tim_at_shilohmediainc.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2016 20:58:08 +1100

I have a problem with Unicode in RTF. The Syriac unicode set characters that I am using seem to be breaking characters. If I follow the unicode character word group with \~ as a non breaking space, then the word will still break on the last unicode character. Is there a way that I can stop this from happening?

Can I do this by using some character before or after? Can I change this by using some placeholder character other than "?" I have tried to use other placeholder characters other than "?" after the unicode number "\u1808?" but it seems that I haven't found the correct placeholder character to stop the line break at this point.

Here is a sample of the data string that I need to keep together:

The unicode character word breaks after \u1808? even with the nonbreaking space \~ however the letters in the Syriac word do not break. What placeholder character can I use (or other characters) to prevent a line break after \u1808?, or is there another way that I can code this so that it will stay together?

Any thoughts and help that you may be able to offer is appreciated,
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