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From: Asmus Freytag (t) <>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2016 21:33:22 -0800
On 2/14/2016 7:42 PM, António Martins-Tuválkin wrote:
On 2016.02.15 00:53, Asmus Freytag (t) wrote:

The key issue is whether this usage is "established".

You can always make the case that what ever need is felt/expressed by a
community is not enough. While it would be useless to point out that
copyleft is more needed (i.e., if encoded would be used way more often)
than 99% of the the whole reportoire of Unicode (like U+A66E, which is
used in one single word, a weird one, too, and only optionally…), its
usage is less massive than the symbols of the Creative Commons licences:
the cc-ring symbol itself, and the symbols for its clauses: "share
alike", "non-commercial", "attribution", and "no derivative works". See:

I don’t miss these symbols terribly, but then again I never cared for
the disunification (or non-unification) of "©" and "Ⓒ", "®" and "Ⓡ", and "℗" and "Ⓟ" — so I calmly use instead "ɔ⃝" (copyleft), "㏄⃝" (creative commons), "⟲⃝" (share alke), "$⃝" (non-commercial), "𐂀⃝" (attribution), and "⊜" (no derivative works), in spite of the inadequate semantics.

Are these logos or part of the text? For the copyright symbol we've established that it is part of the text, but for the other symbols the UTC perhaps needs to revisit that issue (I've been out of that discussion, so I don't even know what the status quo is, but in light of the emoji craze this reluctance over a handful symbols sounds crusty).

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