Re: Copyleft Symbol

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 09:29:45 +0100

2016-02-15 18:32 GMT+01:00 Doug Ewell <>:

> The recent acceptance by UTC of BITCOIN SIGN, which is also often
> perceived as a logo and also sometimes associated with a social
> movement, might indicate greater willingness of UTC to encode the
> copyleft symbol, even discounting the effects of the Emoji Revolution.

The bitcoin is more than just a social movement, given that the currency
was given an official status in international bank systems (first time in
Germany I think), meaning that it is now legal to have accounts in that
highly speculative foreign currency, and to trade it on legal change
markets, and also list prices in that currency (for transactions outside
domestic markets where prices in the national currency are still required
in almost all countries), even if there's no physical currency and no bank
of emission (replaced by an informal organisation and a group of private
banks accepting or trading it).
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