RE: Girl, 12, charged for threatening her school with emojis

From: Tex Texin <>
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2016 23:14:23 -0800

Apparently, “killing” isn’t threatening but the emojis are. I think this is because the schools and police believe the emojis are functions on their cell phones which might actually detonate, shoot or stab.


The problem is with the reporter who headlined with the use of emojis as if that were significant and not that she specifically stated killing and hid behind another kids email account. It should say she was charged with threatening killing.


But yeah arresting a 12 year old is as idiotic as arresting everyone whoever threatened (or written) “I’ll kill you” when they were angry.


However, how any of this belongs on the Unicode list is beyond me. Surely we do not need to comment on every use of emoji that occurs in the media.




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On 2/28/2016 9:04 PM, Karl Williamson wrote:

"The mother says the girl shouldn’t have been charged."

In civilized countries 12-year-olds would be considered too young to be dragged into the courts.

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