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From: Asmus Freytag (c) <>
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2016 07:54:51 -0700
On 4/1/2016 4:20 AM, Janusz S. "Bień" wrote:
Both an index and the descriptions can coexist.

Personally I think the index should be the primary source. The problem
is to find or to desing an appropriate software which would allow to use
the available manpower (probably provided by volunteers) in an efficient

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New documents are added on a schedule that is different from the release schedule for the Standard. Also, documents may cover characters that are on some level of "proposed" for extended periods. All these are additional reasons why the editorial committee  or the UTC (which themselves consist of volunteers) will not get involved and should not get involved.

If you were truly interested in creating a resource like an index over character descriptions in proposals, you would need to expect to source your own merry gang of helpers and find a way to organize them. The easiest way to motivate people is when the result is useful to them. That's why I keep coming back with my suggestion for a focused effort.

You could think of it as a pilot project. Rather than tackling all possible characters you would focus on some subset that shares some commonality, perhaps Latin extensions. You would have to solve many of the problems that Ken elaborated, but if they have an (at least) acceptable solution, then you would have delivered something useful, and provided a model on which others can build research into other repertoires.

I'll step out of this discussion now, because as much as I would have wanted access to an index like you describe for another project I am involved in, I don't have time or good ideas to contribute at this moment.

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