Mende Kikakui Number 10

From: Andrew Cunningham <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2016 11:39:47 +1000


Currently I am doing some work on the Mende Kikakui script, and I was
wondering what the best way was to represent the number 10.

In the early proposals for the script there was a glyph and codepoint
specifically for the number 10. When the model for Mende Kikakui numbers
was changed before the finalising of the code block, the number ten was
removed. But using existing digits and numbers we can produce 1-9 and 11 ->
but we can not produce the number 10 from digits and numbers.

The number ten uses the same glyph as syllable PU U+1E88E.

Should I use U+1E88E to represent both the number 10 and the syllable PU?


Andrew Cunningham
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