Public review of draft repertoire for ISO/IEC 10646

From: Rick McGowan <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 19:34:10 -0700

The UTC would appreciate feedback on new repertoire that is currently
under ballot for future additions to ISO/IEC 10646. This includes
repertoire that has already been reviewed and approved by the UTC, but
which will not be published until next year, as part of Version 10.0 of
the Unicode Standard.

This is your opportunity to review the planned new repertoire for
possible problems, and to make any suggestions you might have about
improvements for glyphs or character names.

See PRI #327 <> and PRI #328
<> for details on access to the
draft repertoire documents for review, and for how to provide your
feedback. The characters of interest -- the new repertoire under ballot
-- are highlighted in yellow in the code charts in those documents.
Glyph corrections or improvements in the charts are highlighted in a
light blue.

Note that we already know about the mistaken glyph for the new character
U+1D378 TALLY MARK FIVE, so you do not need to report that problem again!

Note also that a few of the characters for review in PRI #328, including
the 72 new emoji characters, have been accelerated for publication in
Unicode 9.0. The UTC will not be able to respond to further feedback on
those 9.0 characters, which are already frozen for publication.
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