Re: [Unicode] USAT value in the kIRG_USource property

From: suzuki toshiya <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2016 15:17:45 +0900

Dear David,

Although your confusion is unavoidable, USAT source
characters are submitted by Taisho Tripitaka digitization
project named "SAT" ( ),
not by UTC. Therefore, current UAX#45 lacks the information.

# originally, IRG experts had once recommended to use "Z"
# prefix for SAT characters, but WG2 experts decided to
# use "U" prefix.

Anyway, UAX#38 is expected to be updated for syntax
and appropriate reference. I will ask SAT experts

I don't think there is requirement to update UAX#45
to include all USAT characters, but the title of
UAX "U-Source Ideographs" might be arguable.


drmccreedy . wrote::
> I see one codepoint now has the kIRG_USource property value of "USAT" in
> the Unihan_IRGSources.txt file from
> U+20991 kIRG_USource USAT-00061
> UAX #45 (U-source Ideographs,
> mentions UTC and UCI but
> not USAT.
> UAX #38 (Unicode Han Database,
> updated the syntax for the kIRG_USource property (but not the
> description) to U(TC|CI|SAT)-[0-9]{5} so I'm pretty sure it's not a typo.
> Where can I find a description of the USAT value?
> Thanks,
> David McCreedy
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