combining marks for currency characters? general combining character?

From: Kim Slawson <>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2016 15:26:59 -0400

It's nice to see a good selection of currency symbols defined in unicode,
but I wonder if it might be useful to add a few combining marks for the
purpose of constructing currency symbols.

For example, many currency symbols use single or double horizontal lines,
vertical lines or solidi ( |, -, /, ||, =, // ). Having these available as
combining marks would simplify the creation of new currency symbols, as
many are simply overstruck letters.

Would these be good candidates for proposed combining characters?

Alternately (and I have no clue if this has been addressed), why not allow
arbitrary combining characters? ZWJ does not currently work for this, but
it could be amended to, or another joining character introduced.

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