Re: Comment in a leading German newspaper regarding the way UTC and Apple handle Emoji as an attack on Free Speech

From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2016 11:22:06 -0600

Philippe Verdy wrote:

> Well it is still not so universal as there are wide ranges of glyphs
> excluded for now to encoding as characters:
> [...]
> - country flags have been included but many regional emblems are
> excluded (as they don't match any ISO 3166-1 code)

There are tentative plans (again) to provide a composite encoding for
flags corresponding to country subdivisions encoded in ISO 3166-2.

Unicode and 10646 have done well so far to avoid judging for themselves
which regions or groups deserve encoding over others, and sticking with
the decisions of ISO 3166/MA instead.

> - common road signs/street signs and signs for indoor facilities &
> services

I wouldn't doubt those are coming soon.

> - various box drawing characters used in legacy terminals (notably in
> Teletext and on older 8-bit systems): a few of them were added from
> DOS/OEM codepages.

I thought that set had been pretty much completed by now. I wonder which
one are supposedly still missing.

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