Re: Why incomplete subscript/superscript alphabet ?

From: Jukka K. Korpela <>
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2016 18:53:04 +0300

6.10.2016, 17:55, Frédéric Grosshans wrote:

> Le 06/10/2016 à 09:21, Marcel Schneider a écrit :
>> I did never see that. Would you show us some examples to look up? Iʼm
>> curious
>> whether they could be managed without accented superscripts.
>> Anyway, combining diacritics should be placeable on superscripts as well.
> Like «3ᵉ̀ᵐᵉ» ? It already works on my laptop (Thunderbird in Ubuntu 16.04)
> The superscripted part is 1D49 + 0300 + 1D50 + 1D49, and there is
> nothing to add.

It’s fine that it works in some environment(s), but it would be
unrealistic to expect it to work generally. In most environments,
assuming the font used supports the characters involved in the first
place, the result is probably a grave accent struck over the superscript
e, in a rather ugly way.

Even though Unicode superscript (and subscript) characters have a lot of
practical use in many contexts, this isn’t really one of them. In a case
like this, in most environments, and especially if you want the text to
display well in different environments, the solution is to use just
“3ème”, perhaps with some method (“above” the character level) used to
format the letters as superscript, when not limited to plain text – but
I’m afraid most fonts don’t have a superscript glyph for “é” available,
so it would usually be best to give up the superscripting idea here.

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