RE: Possible to add new precomposed characters for local language in Togo?

From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2016 11:52:24 -0700

Philippe Verdy wrote:

>> This is not an example of how it actually works, which someone else
>> can duplicate. It is a description of how you imagine it works.
> It is the way it is documented in MSDN that explains the formats fo
> keymap tables (you have to notice that there are several table
> formats, each format allowing more or less code units.

Well, gee, I'd like to look that up and see how to apply it, but you
didn't supply a link. Does one exist?

> You seem to only see the basic historic format (the one used in Win16/
> Win9x) that only stores a single code unit, there are others, and they
> are documented, includeing the fact that the values of table entries
> are two kinds: either code units, or specific values for chaining to a
> dead key table, and the spacial NULL value to fill gaps, because table
> entries have a static length.

Where is the reference to these new formats? Where are the guidelines
and specifications on how to build a Windows keyboard layout, or even a
"new MSKLC," taking these new formats and tables into account? Are they
available anywhere? (Don't just say "MSDN," which is big. Be specific.)

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