Re: Bidi: inserting Japanese paragraphs in Arabic/Farsi document

From: Koji Ishii <>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2016 22:45:36 +0900

Hi, I work on Chrome. I have to acknowledge that our implementation on UBA
6.3 is still not completed yet <>, nor the paired
brackets either <>. We're working on improving it.

It's not very clear to me whether this thread is discussing on paired
brackets (BD14-16) or mirrored glyphs (L4), I tried to reproduce but the
steps and expectations are not very clear to me, since my understanding on
UBA is still not high enough. But as long as it's an implementation issue,
we're happy to investigate further. It'd be great if you could provide
reproducing HTML at <>.


2016-11-28 1:33 GMT+09:00 Philippe Verdy <>:

> 2016-11-27 15:09 GMT+01:00 Richard Wordingham <
>> > They will be effectively "mirrored" by the keyboard, as I described.
>> Except that a visual keyboard for an RTL writing system is highly
>> unlikely to
>> have U+300C and U+300D.
> I spoke about multilingula documents where you'll mix Japanese into Arabic
> (or the reverse).
> The keyboard capability does not matter at all because a "keyboard for an
> RTL writing system" will also not support any one of the characters needed
> for a Japanese citation (this is not just these two punctuation characters).
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