Re: Emoji mappings in Shift JIS / CP932/943

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2016 00:26:47 +0100

2016-12-03 23:37 GMT+01:00 Christoph Päper <>:

> Markus Scherer <>:
> I haven’t gone through all of them, but I think most entries claiming a
> missing equivalent character in Unicode are outdated. Then there are some
> edge cases, e.g. Apple could easily have claimed that U+1F34E or U+1F34F
> maps to their company logo in their typefaces/charsets/encodings. (There’s
> no Window emoji, by the way, just a Door or a Frame with Picture and ❖.)

There's also U+229E "plus in a square" ⊞ (from mathematical operators)
which currently best approximates the Windows symbol ; it is used for
example is documents needing to show keytrokes used by an UI.

Notably on several wikis -- where it is also decorated (like all other
function keys or alphanumeric keys) by some CSS generated frames,
background colors with linear gradients and shadows to simulate the form of
a physical key.

For the key on Apple keyboards, the Apple logo is usually replaced by the
U+2318 "fleuron"-like symbol ⌘ (from technical symbols), initially intended
for meaning "point of interest" (used now on Mac keyboards and used since
long in documents originating from Apple itself and in its UI), so that the
Apple logo is not needed for documenting or impelmenting an UI for MacOS.
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