Re: Mixed-Script confusables in prog.languages

From: Martin J. Dürst <>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 20:37:22 +0900

On 2016/12/05 04:07, Philippe Verdy wrote:

> In more technical programming languages however, you can usually be much
> more restrictive as the identifiers used are generally abbreviated and
> simplified: you can kill lettercase differences for example,

In some languages maybe. But languages such as perl, C, Java, Ruby,
Python, and so on distinguish case. Ruby starts constants (incl. class
names) with Upper case, and variable names with lower case, so it needs
this distinction more than e.g. C, where such distinctions may be used
as conventions, but are not enforced by the language.

Anyway, my guess is that non-latin variable names will mostly be used in
education and otherwise locally restricted circumstances (e.g.
government projects), so I think that makes the chances of spoofing
(other than self-spoofing) pretty low.

Regards, Martin.
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