Adopt-A-Character Grant to Support Indic Scripts

From: <>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2016 13:01:30 -0800

Old Sogdian Sample imageThe Adopt-a-Character
<> program has
awarded a grant to support further development of the following four
Indic scripts in the Unicode Standard:

    * Hanifi Rohingya, a script in current use in Myanmar and Bangladesh
    * Nandinagari, a Brahmi-based historic script formerly used in South
    * Old Sogdian, a group of historic scripts formerly used in
      Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Western China
    * Sogdian, derived from Old Sogdian, a group of historic scripts
      formerly used in Central Asia

The goal of this grant is to enable the development of encoding
proposals that can be included in the Unicode Standard. The work will be
done by Anshuman Pandey under the direction of Deborah Anderson (SEI, UC
Berkeley) and Rick McGowan (Unicode Consortium).

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