From: Leonardo Boiko <>
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2016 18:03:48 -0200

Agreed with Yifán Wáng... But I wonder about the need for the character in
the first place. Are we going to add a full small-caps set, too, given its
use in morphological glosses? Isn't it enough to use a regular 'Q' in
plain-text, and style to small caps in rich text?

I can see the rationale for mathematical bold, given that a regular-weight
plain-text character would stand for a different thing in mathematical
formulæ. But there's no way a capital Q would ever be confused as anything
other than the phoneme, in a Japanese phonological transcription.

2016/12/25 17:56 "Yifán Wáng" <>:

Please excuse my serial posting.

I recently noticed the subhead given to the LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL
Q in the following document (at A7AF) is "Letter for representation of
morpheme in Japanese".

However, to my knowledge, the letter is required for describing a
"phoneme" of Japanese that isn't tied to specific "morphemes" (~
"words"). I have contacted the original writer of the proposal:
and he agrees with me in this regard.

Thus I suppose "Letter for Japanese phonology" would be more desired a
heading for this character, though subheads are not normative. What
are your thoughts?
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