Re: Curly Lips Code Point Proposal

From: Leonardo Boiko <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 15:12:03 -0200

I find it curious that this community defines the ":3" emoji as "mmmm" or
"om nom nom". In my circles it's quite the frequent emoticon/emoji, but
I've never seen it used this way. Instead, they usually employ it as "cat
mouth" or "cat face", implying the mood of cuteness, perkiness or
mischievousness. (This is distinct from U+1F431 CAT FACE in that it
represents a human making a cat-like mouth, not an actual cat.) Here are a
few images found through a web search for "cat face":

Here's the relevant TVTropes article:

(TVTropes, incidentally, is one of the many web forums which has a :3
textual emoji.)

And the KnowYourMeme page:

2017-01-24 14:39 GMT-02:00 Andrea Giammarchi <>:

> I'd like to bring to your attention a request, about a common emoticon,
> that has apparently no equivalent yet in the Emoji standard.
> This was a PR to the Twemoji project:
> The author also created a proper PDF explaining all the reasons:
> Proposal for CURLY LIPS Emoji.pdf
> <>
> I hope this can be considered in the near future as possible extra face.
> Thanks in advance for any sort of outcome.
> Best Regards

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