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Other example, same period in Western Russia: the symbol is less
"ideographic" and colored in red, it clearly shows a church bell tower and
a dependant building:,_Pars_Occidentalis.jpeg

Same thing in England,_Representing_the_Princedome_of_WALES,_and_other_PROVINCES,_CITIES,_MARKET_TOWNS,_with_the_ROADS_from_TOWN_to_TOWN.jpeg

Other variant (two towers or high houses):

2017-01-28 18:24 GMT+01:00 Philippe Verdy <>:

> See Sample [1]
> The symbol that is shown near some villages (Cuce, Cice, Bruts) on this
> old map is for "pagus" (plural "pagi") and is an old territorial unit
> grouping several villages, and would more or or less map to today's cantons
> in France (or "pays" in today's rural speech), or counties in England
> (however smaller than counties). [2]
> It looks like an ideogram in used in Roman or medieval periods (in the
> example above it appears later on a map of the 17th century). I've seen it
> several times (not just on maps) with minor variations. It looks like two
> symbolized bell towers with a top platform holding a christian cross, both
> surrounding the circle (locating the village). It gives higher importnace
> to these places than other surrounding villages that are administered from
> the pagus.
> Are there other examples of symbols used on maps or old judiciary acts
> that could be encoded?
> [1]
> britanniae_gallis_-_Sud_Rennes.png
> [2]
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