Re: "A Programmer's Introduction to Unicode"

From: Janusz S. Bien <>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2017 20:02:28 +0100

Quote/Cytat - Manish Goregaokar <> (Sun 12 Mar 2017
07:43:22 PM CET):

>> This is just another confirmation that the present Unicode terminology
> is confusing.
> I find this to be a symptom of our pedagogy around "characters" in
> programming; most folks get taught that characters are bytes are code
> points, especially because many languages try to make this the case.
> The name "grapheme cluster" could be improved upon, but it's not the
> primary source of this confusion.

I agree that it's not the primary source. However the pedagogy depends
on the terminology used.

If the basic notion has to be referred in a cumbersome way as
"extended grapheme cluster" then it is easier to talk about "Unicode
characters" despite the fact that they have a rather loose relation to
real-life/user-perceived characters.

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