Re: Proposal to add standardized variation sequences for chess notation

From: Michael Everson <>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2017 02:08:38 +0100

On 6 Apr 2017, at 02:05, Kent Karlsson <> wrote:

>> Do generic font makers intend to support both graphic terminal emulation and chess?
> I don't know. But it should not be impossible to do so.

And you think the proposal as it does leads to that?

>> Should chess font makers be burdened with graphic terminal emulation glyphs they know nothing about?
> If it is really a chess font, they can just use the glyphs for the chess variety also as the "plain" (terminal emulator variety), and it would not matter (as long as no-one insist on using it for terminal emulation).

Ha, so you’re saying it’s mostly for things like Everson Mono that it matters… ;-)

> All that is needed for that is a manoeuvre to copy a few glyphs within the font (when creating the font). I guess that is not very hard…

It is not.

Michael Everson
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