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Date: Mon, 1 May 2017 13:04:29 -0700
On 5/1/2017 12:12 PM, Michael Bear via Unicode wrote:

I am trying to make a music notation font. It will use the Musical Symbols block in Unicode (1D100-1D1FF), but, since that block has a bad rep for not being very complete, I added some extra characters in the unmapped positions of that block (e.g. U+1D127 inverts the stem of the previous note, U+1D1E9 is a ledger line, U+1D1EA is the "TAB" clef, U+1D1F0-U+1D1FC position the note along the staff, etc.) I've had no problem so far, but now I need to do beamed notes. The Unicode block has control characters for beginning and ending a series of beamed notes (U+1D173 and U+1D174, respectively), but I'm not really sure how to add beams to the notes while keeping the pitch intact. I know I'll obviously need OpenType for this. Slanted beams would be preferred, but straight beams are acceptable. It will need to support beams added on for longer notes. Can someone help me with this?


I had asked this on a High Logic Font Creator forum (here), and someone said to subscribe to your mailing list and ask you guys. So here I am! Anyway, help, please?


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Just an aside: rather than using "unused code positions", I would always recommend to use some of the Private Use code points. That way, whatever you work on would remain usable when Unicode inevitably adds some characters that would fill those "unused" positions.


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