LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SHARP S officially recognized

From: Otto Stolz via Unicode <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2017 17:29:08 +0200


der Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung which is responsible
for the further development of the official German ortho-
graphy has finally recognized LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SHARP S
as a possible upper-case equvalent for the LATIN SMALL

The report announcing the change is dated 2016-12-08, but
the official rules have been updated only yesterday, so
the change is currently in the news (not very prominently,

The pertinent section from the official 2107 rules reads thusly:
> § 25 E3
> Bei Schreibung mit Großbuchstaben schreibt man SS.
> Daneben ist auch die Verwendung des Großbuchstabens
> ẞ möglich. Beispiel: Straße – STRASSE –STRAẞE.

Which translates to:
> When writing all caps, you spell SS.
> Alternatively, it is possible to use the upper-case ẞ.
> Example: Straße – STRASSE –STRAẞE.

So, SS remains the primary upper-case equivalent of ß.
Yesterday’s note to the press says that the capital ẞ
is meant mainly for passports and similar official
documents, wich have to reproduce personal names faith-
fully in their respective spelling variants. E. g.,
Passports used to distinguish proper names such as
GROẞMANN and GROSSMAN; up to now, they usually have
spelled GROßMANN, with a small ß between the capitals,
which renders ugly, in most fonts.

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