Unicode Consortium Announces Cover Design

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Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2017 10:15:21 -0700

The Unicode Consortium is pleased to announce the new design selected
for the cover of the forthcoming print-on-demand publication of The
Unicode Standard, Version 10.0. The Unicode Consortium issued an open
call for artists and designers to submit cover design proposals. All
submitted designs were reviewed by an independent panel.

[cover art by Kosala Senevirathne]

The selected cover artwork is an original design by Kosala Senevirathne,
art director and graphic designer at Mooniak, a design and art direction
studio in Colombo, Sri Lanka, that focuses on multilingual design. The
design is about the spirit of Unicode Standard; a universal standard
that enables equal opportunity for discussion and discourse in writing
systems of the world.

Two runner-up designs by Diana Gomez and Maitray Shah were also
selected. Diana Gomez is currently a senior in the Mechanical
Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Maitray Shah is a
graduate student at San Jose State University pursuing a Masters in
Software Engineering.

Diana Gomez:

[Diana Gomez]

Maitray Shah:

[Maitray Shah]


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