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The Unicode CLDR provides key building blocks for software to support
the world's languages, with the largest and most extensive standard
repository of locale data available. (See
<>.) It is a key component of ICU
<>, which is widely used for fundamental
internationalization support (on every smartphone, for example). The
data is collected in a joint effort by multiple organizations in
Unicode’s CLDR “Survey Tool”; see Survey tool guide
<>. The tool provides
mechanisms for resolving conflicts, including a voting resolution
process, and a forum for discussing disputes. It also provides many
tests on the quality of the entered data to avoid problems such as
duplicate names <>.


Unicode is looking for one or more contract engineers to work on the
CLDR survey tool. The main goals are performance improvement and
functional enhancements to help increase the data quality. The period
may last up to the end of 2018. The tasks can be split among part-time
contractors, according to expertise.

    * Performance improvement: The tool was designed for a much smaller
      dataset than it currently handles, both in terms of the number of
      entries per language and the number of languages
      <>. When
      the tool is slow, it materially affects the throughput of
      translators. Speeding up the tool reduces the cost of
      translations, and provides more motivation for others to contribute.
    * Functional enhancements: Improving functionalities will make
      entering translations and fixing errors easier and more efficient.
      The enhancements would include UI improvements to make the
      workflow simpler; make it easier for errors to be fixed (such as
      duplicate names and “logical groupings”); and fix some technical
      debt on bugs that have accumulated.


The role requires expertise in the following areas:

    * Java servlet/SQL design and implementation skills (backend)
    * HTML/CSS/JavaScript design and implementation skills (frontend)

Bonus skills:

    * XML, Unicode
    * SVN (Eclipse Subversion) source code management
    * Interest in natural languages and/or internationalization

Please send your CV to <>.

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