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Articles on Unicode

This page has not been actively maintained since 2010. It is retained for historical interest. Some of the article links listed below may go dead over time. Other articles never had accessible links. We recommend general search tools to find current articles discussing the Unicode Standard and related topics.

Selected Articles

The following articles are recommended first, to give a sense of what Unicode is and where it is used.

Articles of Historic Interest

The following are primarily for those interested in the history of Unicode. Some of these do not have links.

Date Title Author/Source
2008.05 Google Posting about Unicode 5.1 The Official Google Blog
2007.05 Unicode 5.0 From 50,000 Feet Richard Gillam
2007.01 Worldly Windows: Extend the Global Reach Of Your Applications With Unicode 5.0 Allen, Kaplan, Wissink
2006.06 Dodici Anni di Unicode Marco Cimarosti
2005.07 XML and Unicode Oasis Technology Reports
2004.11 Introduction to Unicode Michał Kosmulski
2004.08 Using Unicode to Power the World's Largest Democracy Linux Journal
2003.10 The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer... Joel on Software
2003.04 Characters vs. Bytes Tim Bray
2003.04 On the Goodness of Unicode Tim Bray
2002.05 Why Unicode Is Important for Localization Ken Lunde
2001.06 Character Sets Encoding Basics Peter Constable
2001.06 Understanding Unicode I and II Peter Constable
1999.09 To Unicode or Not to Unicode Ken Lunde
1999.05 XML and the Second-Generation Web Scientific American
1993 The Design of a Unicode Font Bigelow and Holmes
2007.12 Ethiopians get texting in Amharic BBC News, Addis Ababa
2007.02 Upcoming PHP release will offer Unicode Support Bruce Byfield
2007.01 John Wells' phonetic blog John Wells
2006.12 The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0 Review Richard Gillam
2006.11 Unicode 5.0 continues toppling of Tower of Babel Bruce Byfield
2006.10 Unicode 5, The Book, is here Richard Ishida
2006.10 Unicode and Ruby Tim Bray
2006.10 Sumero-Akkadian Recognized Here P. J. Connoly
2006.08 Unicode and PHP 6 Andrei Zmievski
2006.07 A New Script for Europe Georgi Iliev
2006.07 Unicode turns 5.0 today John Yunker
2006.06 Unicode Blues Tim Bray
2006.02 User poll: access to the Unicode Standard Asmus Freytag
2005.03 The Unicode Imperative Oracle Technology Network
2004.06 Unicode : le standard de codage de caractères sur lequel reposent tous les espoirs à l'heure actuelle (in French) JDN Développeurs
2003.07 Unicode - Where are we? The LISA Newsletter
2007.12 Character Sets: UCS/Unicode Environment MARC Standards
2002.08 Unicode: The Quiet Revolution The Seybold Report
2001.05 Unicode 3.1: The nitty gritty IBM developerWorks
2001 Implementing the Unicode Standard for Encoding Character Sets, Editorial Scholarly Societies Project
2000.11 Oldest written language to get a digital update Baltimore Sun
2000.07 Cuneiform Scholars Take High-Tech Road to Translation The Gazette Online
2000.07 PeopleSoft implements Unicode Press Release
2000.03 Alphabets of the world come together with Unicode CNN.com
2000 Unicode Standard marches on MacCentral Online
1999 Language Lessons: Software is finding more than one voice Asiaweek.com
1999.04 Going global overnight InfoWorld
1999 Charles Petzold Interview Amazon.com
1998.06 Why Do We Need Unicode? Roman Czyborra
1998 Global software for the global village  
1998 An in-depth look at Java's character type JavaWorld
1997 The Software Project and Unicode Dr. Dobb's Portal
1997 Unicode: Making the Web Safe for Furriners Editorial Eye
1996 Unicode: Writing in the Global Village Computing and the Humanities
1996.03 Organizing Babylon Adele Hars / Byte Magazine
1995 International Support in Applications and System Software M. Davis & J. Grimes / Objects in Europe
1994 A truly Multilingual WWW James Gosling
1992.09 Kiss Your ASCII Goodbye John Dvorak, PC Magazine
1991 Häßlicher Amerikaner Der Spiegel
1991.08 Unicode breaks the ASCII Barrier Datamation